Welcome to the Learn Instructional Technology (LIT) website! The site is organized like a digital textbook, but instead of chapters it contains modules. The overall objective of the modules is to provide you with an interactive learning experience for instructional technology. The modules are full of a variety of types of resources including text, images, and video tutorials; all centered around exposing you to the variety of instructional technologies available today and increasing your technology literacy. The site places an emphasis on application along with theory integrated throughout the content. But best of all...the site is dynamic! As the technology evolves, the content on the site evolves right along with it.


In addition to the content and projects, the site is an instructional technology learning community as well. Technology can be problematic.  Even those who are proficient in technology have problems on a regular basis. When those problems arise, you need a support group to turn to and the LIT community can provide just that. Members on the site can network together and communicate through built-in chat features and support forums.


Full access to the LIT content and community requires a membership. A one-year membership can be purchased for $25. Membership payments are handled through Pay Pal's secure servers and can be purchased using a Pay Pal account or credit card. To sign-up for a membership, click on the Membership tab on the top menu bar. For more information follow the links on the site or contact us directly with any other questions.